Next year, 2019, will be the 20th anniversary of Clan of the Cats, more or less. Unfortunately, the comic has been on hiatus for the last several years with no word from yours truly. I’m here to fix that. First, I’ve rebuilt the site. The old one was a mess and it was easier to start over. The archives are gone, for now and only one story, The Reunion, remains up. The site will stay this way for a while. Second, the comic itself. COTC as it is now will come to an end. I know this is disappointing news, but probably not unexpected. The last few times I tried to restart the comic it had become work with little joy in the job.

A few years ago I asked for some advice on what to do w/ COTC and what I heard was reboot. I know that’s a cringe worthy word these days, it may be worth a shot. So, that’s the current plan, a reboot of the series that will stay true to the spirit of the original that I will enjoy again. I will upload the original archives eventually, so the old COTC will still be around. Thank you all.