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Hi Cats!  I wanted to call your attention to a bit of fanart I did for a comic called Life’s a Witch by Samantha Wikan. The comic is about a suburban housewife named Zelda, (aka Witchy), and her struggles to take care of her family, (husband and two kids), stick to a diet and remain relatively sane.  And, yes, she’s a witch to boot. (Her best friend is also the tooth fairy.)


I like this comic because it really reminds me of the early days of For Better or For Worse, and it’s very good family friendly.  The main character, Zelda, is a mother/wife/witch, and you certainly don’t see many webcomics with that focus.  I may be old fashioned, but to me that’s actually kind of refreshing.  I also like her computer/crystal ball.  Chelsea needs one of those.  ;)  Go and check it out.