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Hi Cats!

A Cat in the Shadows was a crossover collaboration between Alice and The Shadows creator, Michael McKay Fleming, and myself back in 2002. Unfortunately, Michael’s part of the crossover has been unavailable for a while on the net, until today.  With Michael’s permission, I have included both his comics and mine in the story.  A word of caution, and no it’s not about the lesbian sex.  It’s about file size.  At this time Comic Press is unable to post two comics for the same day, so I spliced both Michael’s comics and mine together.  Each comic is roughly 300 kb, some bigger, some smaller.  For now, that’s the way it has to be.  Still, I’m glad that we were able to bring you the story in its complete form.  It was a challenge to draw as it was the first time I went to “comic book” form and there is a little bit of foreshadowing in the first COTC page.  Many thanks to Michael for letting me do this. I hope to see Alice running around the net very soon.

Once again, you can find the story at