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A friend of mine lost her dad over the weekend.  I went to the funeral today. I don’t know her family very well, so part of me felt like I was being intrusive. On the other hand, had I not gone, I would never … well, I’m glad I went. My friend is a very private person, so I won’t go into any details.

I do this comic about a witch, and through research try to convey a sense of some connection to real witchcraft, but I don’t practice it.  I know when I’ve had hard times many of you have lit a candle.  If I never said so, thank you for that. This Christmas I want to light a candle for her. Maybe the magick will work and she’ll feel it, and know that I care for her very much.  Whatever the case, after 27 years, I love her more than ever.  I just had to say that to somebody.  When she’s ready, I’ll say it to her.

Thanks for bearing with me.