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Since COTC returned today, I’ve had a few bug reports. One reader says that the page redirects to Keenspot, while another exclaims that the page takes too long to load and then continues to reload. I’m not a techmonkey by any means, so the problem could be one of several things. It could be the ad network. I’ve noticed a little lag when loading ads myself. I’m currently using Joey Manley’s Webcomics World and it has been experiencing some growing pains, like all new systems tend to do. The problem could be the host. I’m using dreamhost as it was recommended by a very reputable source, but I’ve since found out that it tends to take a while to load WordPress templates. However, there is an upgrade in progress for Dreamhost and hopefully it will address this issue. Finally, the Comixpress theme is heavily tweaked and does implement some new features, but I highly doubt that is the problem as the site builder really knows what he is doing. I suspect it may be the hosting or most likely, the ads. The ad network WILL work itself out in time.

Update: The reader who reported the redirection was trying to load the old “comics only” cotc page, which is now defunct. That problem solved. If there is enough interest I will look into putting a “comic only” page on this server, even if it means uploading the comic manually. If you find any problems w/ the site, please let me know. You can reply to this thread or contact me at