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Hi Cats!

It’s been a strange few days. As some of you have commented, quite a few comics went missing. The whole thing began when I received an email from my hosting provider stating that “cotc” was taking too much “space”. Basically it boiled down to the fact that the site was putting too much of a load on their servers and taking too much “space” away from other customers. I still don’t quite fully understand it. It was suggested that I either fix it or upgrade to a more dedicated server. (Currently, I’m w/ Dreamhost and though I have had some problems w/ the service, the support people have always been wonderful, especially in this situation.) So, faced with this dilemma I asked Frumph if there was anything he could do about it. He did. He did A LOT of work under the hood.  A Lot.  He cleaned up the site and for the 500% better load times, well you can thank him for that. One of the things Frumph did to clean COTC up was to remove Sebo from the same Word Press site COTC is on. Free Sebo, which I need to update, will return on its own WP themed site as well as Melpomene. Again, I have to give thanks to Frumph for that. We all should give him a big thanks! Anyway, due to a WP glitch, when the Sebo strips were taken off, the COTC strips for the same day disappeared too. Thus the missing pages. Frumph has been working tirelessly to get things back in order and after a couple of heart attacks from us both, it looks like things are smoothing out. Please, if you do find any more missing pages or weird happenings, let me know. Again, please give Frumph a big thanks for all his help! Thanks, Frumph!

As for the strip, it will update on Fridays for a while.