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As many of you know, the COTC site was designed by Philip “Frumph” Hoffer a couple of years ago.   I myself know almost nothing about it and believe me, the site would not exist as it is had he not built it.  Now, the Wizard of WordPress will spill some of his secrets. Frumph will be attending InterventionCon 2010 and will hold workshops for both WordPress and ComicPress. The con will be held on Sept 10th through the 12th at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville in Rockville Maryland.

Workshops include …

Beginners Workshops:
a.. Creating your website, understanding hosting and CMS’s (Content management systems)
b.. Setting up, Understanding & Configuration of your website with WordPress & Comicpress
c.. Understanding how WordPress and Comicpress works.
d.. Basic CSS understanding.

This is always great for those that are not beginners that would like a refresher on the basics.

Intermediate Workshops include:

a.. ComicPress/WordPress Options, Child Themes and getting the most out of your site. (there is *a lot* to this)
b.. Designing your site with CSS, understanding of the basic CSS concepts is necessary.

Advanced Workshops:
a.. Advanced CSS design,
b.. Child theme programming tricks,
c.. Getting the most from your site, ways to increase hits and readers.
c.. Advanced topics that are only available at this workshop.

Intervention is a creator-focused Internet Convention in Rockville, Maryland and was started by webcomic creator / illustrator Onezumi Hartstein and web developer James Harknell. Read more about them here.