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We’ll do the other stuff first.  I took the day off today, had to.  Got gout in my foot again.  I haven’t had it in quite a while, but anyway, hope to be back at it tomorrow.  I’ve actually been quite busy in the last few weeks, doing COTC, guest art for another comic, a crossover, and getting involved in two collective projects.  Unfortunately, I can’t talk about any of the projects w/ others just yet, though one is finished and another halfway completed. The two collective projects are in the planning stages.

For the main news bit, Tangents did another review of COTC.  He tends to do them from time to time and I’m not sure I’ve ever posted anything about it.  Well, it’s about time I did.  Here’s Tangent’s most recent review.  Tanget’s has reviewed and mentioned COTC quite a few times.  You can find all the articles here. Thanks, Robert!

And that’s it!