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sebo21Sorry for no update Friday, but I’ve been working on new strips lately.  So far I am ahead of the game and COTC will return to thrice a week, M-W-F on February 2nd.  Hope you’ll be here.  You can now comment on the comics themselves, btw and also blog posts.  However, the shout box is still around, though in a much smaller version to fit w/ the new site design. Again, my thanks go to Frumph at for the new place.

ALSO, there is a new Sebo book! Check it out!

Sebo: Book 2 is a compilation of a few long running story archs that ran in Sebo’s Kitty Klub. Unlike the first Sebo book, Book 2 follows Sebo, Charlotte, Chelsea and the rest on their adventures through a more tame Netherworld.