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So, here’s the deal.  I’ve been doing pretty good with the updates within the last few weeks.  The Dracula story is going to be coming to a close, most likely, early next year. The gods willing, that is.  So, with this countdown in mind, I have been thinking about promoting the comic and what things I could do to further that end. I use twitter a lot and have been blogging a little bit more, but really what I needed was some advice.  So, I went to a very wise website and asked, basically, how I could get my readership back. The advice was – relaunch. Effectively, end COTC and start up a new comic, even if it is w/ the same characters. Wow. Several emotions came running through me at the same time, but mostly I was just kind of stunned.  Basically, this means that COTC can’t be saved. I know that this was one person’s opinion and in the end I’ll have to decide what to do, still it’s a bit of an eye opener.

After the Dracula story I had planned to move in another direction anyway, MUCH shorter stories, with more emphasis on character.  Starting fresh and leaving COTC, well, that’s something I’ll have to think about.  Please, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!