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COTC will return with new comics February 2nd, 2009.

If you are reading this, thank you. I appreciate you hanging around for the last couple of months, let alone the last 9 ½ years. It’s been a long time since I first posted COTC to the web and much has happened since I uploaded onto that first Geocities site. COTC has gained readers and lost readers. There have been times of constant updates and times of lots of filler art. There have even been times of nothing. None of us know what the future holds, but as long as I am able I will continue to record the stories of Chelsea and her friends. I hope you stick around too.

As you can see, we have a new website. In fact, we have moved to a new server, though I am still associated with Keenspot. With the new design I hope to be able to offer you much more than I have in the past. One of the most important updates is this, the blog. I will now be able to communicate with you much better than I have previously. Along with site announcements, I will also be doing movie reviews. There are a lot of reviews out there, but I think this one is a bit different. This will be more of a “required viewing” list of films that inspired COTC. In other words, most of the films I plan to review will be linked to COTC in some way. The first one, Cat People, is already up. I wrote it several months ago and it has been up on several blogs, so I imagine most of you have read it. Fear not, (or fear as my nonfiction writing is still rusty), I’ll have another one up by week’s end.

As you can see, we also have a link to the “free version” of Sebo. (Free Sebo is one year to six months delay from Sebo’s Kitty Klub.) Sebo hanging from the strip was Frumph’s idea. And yes, that is his tail. ;)

There are still plenty of things that need to be done, like the galleries, the Cats, the Mythos, the Viewer Guide and so on and so on. Most of it will only require transferring information from one server to another. It will be quite a while before everything is done, but for now the comics are all up and new comics are on their way.

Thanks again to Frumph from for the new home. I think we will all be happy here. At least it should load quicker if anything else.

And thanks to you all.