Clan of the Cats Mythos Reference

mythos noun
  1. set of attitudes: the interrelated set of beliefs, attitudes, and values held by a society or cultural group.
  2. myth or mythology: a myth or mythology
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The Esteemed Author of Clan of the Cats comic strip, Jamie Robertson, KCI Eqvites Ivbalis, has given us various glimpses into and explanations of the mythology and legends he is using and adapting for his Clan of the Cats universe, thus creating the CotC Mythos.

This website collects the comments, observations, and outright explanations that the Esteemed Author has provided into a single place.

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers throughout.
Be aware that there are many SPOILERS in the CotC Mythos Reference. The Researchers assume that anyone wandering through the Reference has seen the entire run of Clan of the Cats comic strips. If you wish to avoid any spoilers we suggest reading the archives before venturing too deeply into the information revealed here.

Background Background information about the Clan of the Cats Universe thatís necessary to understand whatís going on. Includes information on CotC-type magick, the Netherworld, and the Council of Three.
Timeline Brief history of the Clan of the Cats Universe. Includes cross-references to important events and story lines.
People Significant characters encountered in the Clan of the Cats Universe.
Glossary Brief definition of terms and description of creatures as used in the Clan of the Cats universe. Includes cross-references to more detailed articles.

The information collected here is based on the Esteemed Authorís own words from various sources, including but not limited to the CotC strip itself, the CotC message board, and email to the researchers. The researchers specifically disclaim any credit for any ideas presented in these pages and specifically disclaim copyright on any sequences of words herein. Nothing appears in these pages without the permission of Jamie Robertson.

If you notice an error, discrepency, or broken link or if you discover something that ought to appear in this Reference, you can either post a message on the CotC Forum or email the senior researcher. Thanks.

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With thanks to Jennet at the CotC forum, who requested:
Hey Jamie!
What about putting all this good good stuff into a FAQ for newbies?
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The Clan of the Cats Mythos Reference, version 3, designed by Timber Bram.
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