Clan of the Cats Background Information

Magick The theory and practice of magick as it applies to the Clan of the Cats universe.
Netherworld The beings and creatures with magickal abilities, their living places, and the community that it implies in the CotC universe.
Practitioners Information about those who are capable of using the craft of magick as it applies to the CotC universe.
Morphs Information about those who change into animal forms (were-creatures) in the CotC universe.
Vampires Information about the undead, that is, those requiring blood to live, and the specific variants of the CotC universe.
The Council of Three Information about the the Council of Three: formation, location, dissolution, interregnum, reinstatement.
Artefacts The magickal artefacts so far encountered, including a listing from the Vault of the Council of Three.

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