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First of all, apologies for never giving an update on this, but my eyesight is much better than it was back in the summer.  I could have sworn I gave an update on this, but I guess not. Sorry. As to what actually happened, I was given no clear diagnosis.  One doctor told me that my poor eyesight was due to my sugar, (I’m diabetic), and another told me it was not, that my sugar levels were too stable for it to be my sugar.  It turned out that my sugar wasn’t stable after all, it was fluctuating between highs and lows due to a drug I was taking.  I stopped taking the drug and within a month’s time my eyesight was much better. I also got new glasses which helped.  In fact the damage done by the optic nerve stroke I had back a year ago had gotten better.  All good news.

Currently, my eyes are pretty much back to normal. Being diabetic my eyesight blurs up a little every once in a while. This was especially true over the holidays.

Anyway, sorry that I never posted about this.  I thought I had and I guess not.  Thank you all for the email inquiries and support. Take care.