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Hi Cats, here is another status report. I’m finally feeling a bit better, though last week I was in bed most of the time w/ a fever and upset stomach. The fever has passed and my stomach is better. I’m also not as tired as I was either, so that’s all good news. Now for the bad news. I’m having trouble w/ my eyes again. I saw the dr and I have no serious eye problems, but my systems indicate a detached vitreous. (Flashing lights, floaters and blurred vision). This happened last year and w/ diabetes on top of all that, well that is that. The good news is that the condition does not generally damage eyesight and normal vision will return. There is not clear indication when that will be, however the flashes of light are getting less frequent, though my vision is a little blurrier than it was. I will be sending out a much delayed Sebo tonight. It’s the first thing I’ve drawn in a while. I hope to get back to drawing COTC next week. Sorry for the radio silence. Will talk to you later.