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Here are a few sketches, three that I have done recently and one from some time back.  All are practice sketches, so don’t expect anything fancy.


This one is so-so.  I was trying for a subtle smile, which I think I got, but it’s a little stiff.

Here’s a little sketch of DC’s Vertigo Gal, Death.  She looks a little bit like Mel. :/  Anyway, I like this one, actually.  It was done some time back.  Forget when.


Speaking of Mel, here’s a sketch of her, sort of.  There’s some things going on w/ the arms I don’t like, little too rigid. Anyway, this was a pratice of a different sort of pose, a bit more action oriented.

Mel again.  This is my favorite.  It was done in the least amount of time, almost more of a gesture than a sketch.  Also, I like the expression.

That’s it for this Wednesday.  See you this Friday!  Thanks!