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Hi Cats!

In June of 1999 COTC, Elf Life and Alice debuted on the web. Elf Life debuted on June 14th and both Alice and COTC just a week later. At the time, Carson Fire, Michael McKay-Fleming and I didn’t know of the other’s existence, but within a year our respective comics were all being hosted by Keenspot. In 2000, to commemorate our first year on the internet, we decided to do a crossover. Crisis on Infinite Keenworlds, named to spoof DC Comics’ Crisis on Infinite Earths, would blend the worlds of all three comics in a fun little romp. The story was also made to cross promote our comics and so it was presented in a way that made the reader skip from comic to comic. Nine years later, with Carson and Michael’s kind permission, the story is presented here as a whole.  Here ya go …

Crisis on Infinite Keenworlds

All three comics have seen good times, bad times and down times, but we are all still out there in one form or another. I wish to thank Carson and Michael for the good times back then and I wish them well in the years to come. Visit Alice at and Elf Life at Both are extraordinary works and should not be missed. Thanks, guys!

There are two sequels to this crossover, Thingamajig Shenanigans from Alice and Eleanor from COTC.