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Hi Cats,

I’m taking a week off to get a buffer.  I’ve got two penciled pages now and hope to have three completed pages by next Friday.  If all goes well, I’ll go back to twice a week.  Anyway, so not to leave you cats with nothing, here is a little look behind the scenes. It’s not a tutorial, but just a little look at the process.


Here are the pencils from a recent COTC page.  As you can see they are pretty rough.  Some elements, such as the coffin and cross, are mostly scribbled in. Since I’m my own inker, well I pretty much know what I want, most of the time. ;)


Currently, I’m using a Wacom Intous4 to ink the pages.  I switched from a traditional brush to digital back in April.  I ink primarily in Photoshop, but as you can see, the coffin and cross are not yet in the image.  They were created in Illustrator and then pasted into the page.


And here is the final inked page.  This was the first page where I really thought I had gotten the feeling for digital inking.  For me it’s still a little slower than the traditional method, but I feel I have more control.


Almost done.  Here is the final color page, minus the dialog.  The DRACULA name on the coffin was added as a Photoshop effect.


And here is the final page, lettered in Adobe Illustrator.  Sometimes the dialog balloons hide a lot, but not so much in this case.  Anyway, thanks for looking. Next time I do a “behind the scenes” maybe it will be on coloring.