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If you’re here for a comic, then fly over to the previous comic and take a look!

Hi Cats and Happy Halloween to you all!  Samhain (Halloween) is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest and Chelsea is being a little bit of both for the holiday.  She’d give you a big hug if she had arms.  ;)

Here are a couple of articles on Samhain you might be interested it, one from 2 Witches Blog and an old standby from the Witch’s Voice

Chelsea’s guest spot on Woody After Hours is complete.  Read it from the beginning. Happy 100th strip to Ben and Paul! Also, in case you missed ‘em, check out some Zebra Girl and ETI_PI guest art!



And finally, for a special Halloween treat, have a seat and read about the sad little ghost and her friend, the oddly colored cat.  Here is Anna: A Ghost’s Tale.