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Hi Cats!

I’m sort of staring a new feature for Wednesdays.  I’m calling it “Witchy Wednesdays” and I’m going to need your help.  Try as I might, I can’t get three comics to you in a week’s time anymore, so in lieu of a comic I am posting a little cartoon that is out of COTC canon, but points back to Chelsea being a witch.  I may not have this every Wednesday, but there will be something here to come back for each week.  Where do you come in?  Each Witchy ‘toon will explore a facet of witchcraft that casual readers may not be that familiar with.  If you are a witch or practicing pagan, let me know.  I’d like to use your blogs and websites to link to for explaining some of the practices and terms.  If you are interested, please let me know by contacting me at jamiecotc(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

In today’s ‘toon Chelsea is chastising Sebastian for pretty much ruining her circle. Drawing or “casting a circle is how a witch begins his/her ritual or spell.  To learn more about casting circles take a look at this Wikipedia article on the subject.  See why I need help? ;)

One final thing on this ‘toon. This will be the only time I will place it in with the regular comics.  After this week WW will be placed in with the blog.  Like I said, think of this as a commercial.  Speaking of which …


It’s time for a commercial!  Yes, a commercial.  You didn’t think you were reading this comic for free did you? ;)  I’ve placed a few prints up at ArtFire and Etsy.  Just take a look, that’s all I ask.  I will be doing more stuff for both of these sites, btw, meaning more original art, but COTC related and other stuff.  Yes, I do other stuff.

And finally, while I have your attention, I just wanted to thank you for being here.  I appreciate it.  My health is doing much better these days and I’m even starting to lose weight.  One day I just might turn out to be somebody.  ;)  Thanks again and take care.