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As many of you know, Chelsea is loosely based on a real person.  She and I met in college some 20something years ago and have been friends ever since.  She is a very private person, and wishes to keep as low a profile as possible. I have respected her wishes.  This past April, however, Chelsea (as I typically refer to her) was diagnosed w/ breast cancer. To say this was a shock would be putting it mildly.  However, that was nearly six months ago and she is doing very well.  Her doctors are aggressively treating the tumor, and she is responding extremely well to the treatments.  So far she has had to have no chemo, and still has all of her hair. As it stands she will need surgery and radiation therapy later, but that’s a while off yet.  Chelsea remains in good spirits and is confident that all this will be behind her within a few months. She is a big part of my life and the reason this comic exists.  So, if any Pagans want to light a candle or just think some good thoughts, I know she would appreciate it.  Thanks, Cats!