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Hi Cats!

Wednesday beagan a webcomic crossover between COTC and Woody After Hours. The crossover begins with this WAH comic. Woody After Hours is a webcomic about a late night talk show in Raleigh, NC and is written by Ben Carter and illustrated by Paul Westover. Ben is also a member of the NCWCCC.

Today, Chelsea gives Woody the “cold shoulder.”  Go check out today’s WAH comic! If you are just tuning in, here’s the first comic in the arc.

A little info on the event. This isn’t your normal crossover. There is no fighting upon first meeting and it all takes place in the WAH comic. The main character, Woody, is a late night talk show host in Raleigh, NC and he occasionally interviews characters from other webcomics. His first interview was of the main characters from Diablito Del Ring by Jesse Justice. Our very own Chelsea Chattan gets to be his second guest. What makes this concept very unique is that I drew Chelsea and Sebastian and the rest of the WAH was drawn by the very talented Paul Westover. So, it’s an integration of our comics into one.

Ben and I hammered out the script over lunch and I have to say it was an enjoyable experience.  He’s a talented writer and really knows his subject. I know you will enjoy it. Here ya go, the most dangerous man in Raleigh late night (and knows to keep his hands to himself) …

Woody After Hours with special guest, Chelsea Chattan and Sebastian.