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In the early days of Keenspot and webcomics, crossovers were almost a staple in the biz. They were recognized as a way to gain exposure in the community, get to know other creators and, well, cross over to other webcomics fandoms. Some readers loved crossovers, and clamored for their favorite webcomic characters to invade other characters’ realms. Other readers loathed crossovers, and insisted that this fan service only brought out the weaker story elements in their favorite webcomics. For me, crossovers were a way to get to know other webcomic creators I had admired for some time.

In early 2000 both COTC and Maritza Campos’s College Roomies from Hell!!! began to share a unique fandom, with readers of both comics discussing the similarities on the old Keenspot forums. By this time, crossovers were all the rage and readers of both comics hinted that they wanted a CRFH/COTC story line. On the surface, both COTC and CRFH seem vastly different, but the occult structure running through each comic fueled the similarities. The fact that Maritza and I both loved stories based on the occult didn’t hurt either.

Looking back, the COTC/CRFH crossover was fan service, a fun little story for both the creators and the readers, but having no real impact on each comic. The story is not even canon for either comic, but it was fun.

Part of the fun was reading the reactions of the fans as they desperately tried to figure out what was going on. The week long build up was especially fun to watch as the many fans began to grasp the realization that Chelsea, Dave, Sebastian, Chester and the rest were all about to do battle together.

This marked the official beginning of the COTC/CRFH!!! crossover.

College Roomies from Hell and all character within are © Maritza Campos