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With Clan of the Cats coming off of a three year hiatus, there is a certain surrealism to the whole affair. On the one hand it’s very much like nothing ever stopped. The action picks up right where it left off back in October of 2011. The characters are still there and the story continues. On the other hand much has changed. The comic is completely digital now. While using Manga Studio almost exclusively creates some great shortcuts, like drawing balloons, digital inking with infinite redo and penciling in different colors, the program also offers some challenges. It’s still taking a while to get used to penciling on computer, but that also required me to make multiple saves of my comic, something I used to be a little cavalier about.

While on this extended vacation I veered into other interests that seem to have helped understand the writing process and character building a lot more. Hopefully the comic will benefit from that. Also, playing a lot of video games taught me what not to do in terms of writing. Influences for the comic have grown. It’s not just old monster movies any more. Breaking Bad stole my heart and Game of Thrones is the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Another passion has been the exploration of women in comics (and gaming) and how wonderful that was never really an issue w/ webcomics. And again, it’s taught me a lot about what not to do, which is just as equally important when writing something close to the heart and for public consumption.

Again, Clan of the Cats is back, at least until the Dracula story is done. Then we’ll see. However, none of this could have happened without the help of Phillip “Frumph” Hofer. Many people know him via the webcomic community and he’s helped so many get started and even back on track. He is best known for Comicpress and Comic Easel, which COTC is now using. If you like COTC, then go give him a big thank you on his Facebook page. I’ll just say it here. Thanks, Frumph!