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Cat-FlowerHi all

Just wanted to tell you that I am still alive and doing well.  I think it has just been a harsh winter for me as well as many others I have talked to.  Anyway, I am going to shoot for updating on Fridays for a while beginning this Friday.  Sorry for the lack of communication, but I’ve just felt tired a lot.  With the weather warming up, I hope things will change.  I’m back drawing again and like I said I should have an update this Friday. I’ve missed Chelsea too.

In other news today marks the 15th anniversary of my 2nd kidney transplant.  Fifteen years ago tonight, (I am writing this on March 15th), I was supposed to be studying for a math test, but just couldn’t get motivated somehow.  (I had gone back to college to get my BA in art at the age of 31.) Not only was I NOT studying for a big test I had the next day, I also stayed up all night long, something I was prone to do in my youth, but had not done in a while back then.  Somewhere around 5:00 AM I got the call that a kidney had been found.  Not only did I get a kidney that day, (March 16th, 1995), it turned out to be an exact genetic match, something almost unheard of in cadaver organ donation.  My first memory after the surgery was seeing my aunt from Wrightsville Beach sitting next to my bed.  I turned to her and said, “You’re not my mother.”  We laughed about it later.  The next day, the 17th, I remember one of the nurses giving me a shamrock sticker and telling me “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” as she smiled.

I never did take that math test and could not finish the semester.  All my professors were kind, however and let me make up the semester in papers and projects.  All but the math professor.  I had to take math all over again, and I hated it because I wasn’t doing well in the class.  It was like a recent movie I saw, I could understand the cat in the box, but couldn’t do the math in my head or on paper.  The next semester the school switched to using calculators in their math classes. I got an A in that class and graduated with honors.